March Newsletter


Dear RMIT family, 

Novel-Coronavirus (COVID-19) is well and truly on everybody’s radar at present, and this newsletter is absolutely not to generate more anxiety, fear or stress. Rather, it is to provide an update on the Medical Hub @ RMIT’s current position, availability of appointments and services, and the appropriate means to access more information.

At the Medical Hub @ RMIT, we are guided by the Australian Health Authorities and the Department of Health and Human Services in making significant clinical and operational decisions. All decisions are focused on ensuring the health and safety of our patients, doctors, staff and the general community. We are also mindful of our critical role within the RMIT and CBD community, in the provision of continued health services at a time of great health anxiety, complexity and need.

Working at Home? Studying Online?

The Medical Hub @ RMIT remains open for face-to-face consultations as usual, and it is anticipated that this will remain the case for as long as it is safe to do so.

Our opening hours are:

Monday – Friday: 8am – 7pm

Weekends and Public Holidays: Closed

Triage at Reception

In order to maintain the health and safety of all those attending the Medical Hub, we have implemented a triage policy.
You will be asked by reception, when booking online or over the phone, and by your doctor if:

  • You have travelled overseas in the 14 days prior to developing any flu like symptoms,
  • You have been a close contact of a confirmed case of Coronavirus, or
  • Are you experiencing any flu like symptoms.

We ask that you are honest and open when answering these questions so that we may schedule the most appropriate appointment for you and manage infection control without compromising our team and other patients.

Phone/ Telehealth Consultations

Telehealth consultations are available by the doctors at the Medical Hub. These are offered at a private fee of $45 without a Medicare rebate, unless the patient fits the strict Medicare funded criteria. Your eligibility can be discussed with your doctor at the time of your telehealth consultation, as reception staff will not be able to determine your clinical eligibility.
The Commonwealth Government has introduced the availability of Medicare funded telehealth consultations for those who are considered vulnerable or isolated patients. This includes specifically

(a)The person has been diagnosed with COVID-19 virus but who is not a patient of a hospital; or
(b) The person has been required to isolate themselves in quarantine in accordance with home isolation guidance issued by Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC); or

(c) The person is considered more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus being a person who is:
    (i) at least 70 years old; or           
    (ii) at least 50 years old and is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent; or
    (iii) is pregnant; or
    (iv) is a parent of a child under 12 months; or
    (v) is already under treatment for chronic health conditions or is immune compromised.
An additional requirement is that the person has been seen by the Medical Practitioner within the last 12 months.

Employee Preparedness

We are acutely aware of the impacts that the health and safety of our doctors, nurses and administration team has on our patients and visitors. Therefore, we have implemented protocols since the 1st March 2020 that have been communicated to our team, including;

  • Reconsidering non-essential travel, holiday, short break plans regardless if it is local or overseas
  • avoiding non-essential social gatherings of any kind
  • avoiding attending sporting clubs, gyms, swimming pools, and other public spaces until the number of new infections are declining
  • closely observe sound hand – hygiene practices.

We are developing our infrastructure and capabilities to enable us to continue providing health services to our patients regardless of the curveballs or challenges that may arise. We are committed to supporting you all during this time, although, how this will look in the time to come may be innovative and variable.

We value your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve at all times, and moreso currently. Please share your thoughts on how you think we can support you and your families at this time. Please email these to our practice manager, Anastasia Dimitriou at

Frequently Asked Questions

We have identified some frequently asked questions prepared an FAQ. We will endeavor to keep this information up to date. Click the button below to see Coronavirus FAQs.

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