Thrive Magazine #2

Health and Wellbeing Information in Thrive Magazine, Doctors in Melbourne city

Welcome to Thrive Magazine! Health and Wellbeing Information for you and your family.  Welcome to the second issue of Thrive magazine. We’re delighted by the feedback we’ve had to our launch edition last month; how much you appreciated the diverse, comprehensive health and wellness information designed to help navigate these ultra-challenging COVID-19 days. As well … Read more

Introducing Onsite Medical Hub

Onsite Medical Hub

Introducing Onsite Medical Hub. Conveniently offering responsive and reliable COVID-19 screening, flu vaccinations and employee health checks onsite at Victorian businesses. The medical team consists of experienced general practitioners, nurses and administrative staff who are committed to supporting a healthy workforce by helping reduce the spread of illness. Services range from co-ordinating flu shots for … Read more

Thrive Magazine #1

Welcome to Thrive Magazine! Health and Wellbeing Information for you and your family Every month Thrive will deliver fresh information to guide and inform you on issues and challenges similar for all of us. Such as keeping our immune systems strong, our fitness and mobility healthy, our minds and emotions calm and focussed, and our … Read more

August Newsletter

Dr Mabel Leung of RMIT Medical Hub, GPs in Melbourne

We remain open for telehealth (Phone or Video) appointments only. For your safety and the safety of our team, we are limiting face to face contact at the Practice.Face to face consultations will be available if clinically necessary and pending approval by one of the doctors.  Step 1: Book a Telehealth consultationStep 2: Prescriptions, medical certificates, … Read more

July Newsletter

Dr. Ben Ooi, general practitioner at RMIT Medical Hub, Doctors in Melbourne

COVID-19 AND OUR WELL BEING An Update From Dr. Ben Ooi  2020 has been an intense roller coaster and in a blink of an eye, we have crossed the halfway mark. While Covid-19 cases have been under control, the risks of an outbreak are ever present. Even as we pay attention to Covid-19 symptoms and practice … Read more

June Newsletter

Dr Melanie Hill, General Practitioner at Medical Hub in RMIT University, Doctors of Melbourne

MEN’S HEALTH An Update From Dr. Melanie Hill  15-21 June 2020 marks Men’s Health Week. This is an important event which raises awareness of the issues  affecting boy’s and men’s health outcomes and how we, as health practitioners can help make a positive impact on these outcomes. Men’s Health week was initially established in the United … Read more

May Newsletter

Dr. Sapna Walles, general practitioner from RMIT medical hub, Melbourne City Doctors

Health Prevention by Dr. Sapna Walles Flu Vaccinations Telehealth Consultations PREVENTION DURING A PANDEMIC An Update By Dr. Sapna Walles  We are the fortunate recipients of huge strides made in modern medicine over the past century. We have experienced steady rises in life expectancy, cures for previously devastating diseases, and marked improvements in access to … Read more

March Newsletter

CORONAVIRUS Dear RMIT family, Novel-Coronavirus (COVID-19) is well and truly on everybody’s radar at present, and this newsletter is absolutely not to generate more anxiety, fear or stress. Rather, it is to provide an update on the Medical Hub @ RMIT’s current position, availability of appointments and services, and the appropriate means to access more information. … Read more

Answers to common COVID-19 Questions

Below are some answers to the common Coronavirus (COVID-19) questions (Updated 7:45am, 15/03/20 – this info will change, so do not rely exclusively on this. Speak to your doctor, and keep up to date on current health authority announcements & official information sources listed below). • How bad is it in Victoria now? In Victoria … Read more

Bulk Billing Doctors Melbourne CBD

Bulk-Billing Doctors Melbourne CBD

Medical Hub @ RMIT is a mixed billing practice although will offer bulk billing to all RMIT students and staff with current Medicare eligibility and direct billing of medical insurers for international students and staff. Our billing structure is designed to ensure that all our patients have access to excellent GP services regardless of their … Read more